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Nice game with good graphics and a good atmosphere. There were some jump scares but the only thing that I hated was that I couldn't kill that zombie boy thing LOL took me 1000 tries to kill him XD

Really nice game. Not alot of in your face jumpscares. "combat" is alittle strange, but it's better then just hiding. goodjob.

This game was really scary and fun to play great job! :D 

Hey there, I found this to be a good start for your game. I don't think there is a flashlight here so I would like to see one added. I think I missed an object when I was getting the gun I noticed it in the corner of my screen during editing, was that a flashlight?

YouTuber: Fellowplayer

So right off the bat I noticed this game had a lot of work put into the visuals. The atmosphere was fantastic and I loved all of the effects and all that Jazz. The only issue with that was how hard it ran on the PC. It'd be awesome to have some sort of graphics options for this game for lower end PCs. The ambiance was pretty spooky! The sounds got me pretty often and I definitely didn't want to go down a certain hallway. The mechanics and inventory things were awesome! Very smooth usage of inventory. I'm pretty sure I noticed stock models but I honestly don't care much about that, the feel of the game definitely made up for it. I loved this! Definitely better than a lot of indie horrors out there. Thanks for making this!

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Hi there, I just recently played through the demo. I found the atmosphere of the game to be quite tense, especially in the tight corridors. Visual wise the game looks nice, it makes good use of lighting and some fog effects that really help to make the environments appear creepier than they already are. 

There are however a few issues I had with it. I'll preface this by saying that I know you're developing this game alone, and that this is just a demo of what's to come, but I'm not going to let that stop me from being critical about the game. 

The story, where is it? Why am I in this place and why should I care? Just some vague indication of what's going would have been better than nothing. My next issue comes from the gun we're given, I don't have an issue with giving the player a weapon early on, my issue arises when the gun does absolutely nothing to the enemy. I fired all 28 bullets at the lone enemy in the game and it appears to have done nothing at all, it's as if I was slapping it with a wet noodle. There was also a point where the enemy just stopped attacking me all together and stood there doing nothing. 

At the end of the day there's a few things done right here, the game looks good, plays well and keeps you on your toes. However, there's also plenty of room for improvement. In its' current state it feels hollow. You have this creepy, atmospheric environment with not much happening in it and no story to connect what does occur together. There's also the fact that the only enemy in the game is insanely hard to kill, it made for some pretty funny situations but was honestly more frustrating than it needed to be.

I don't know what you have planned for this game, only you know that. I'm basing everything I have said on what's presented in front of me and I honestly found the game to be pretty lukewarm. I don't say these things out of spite, but in hopes that one day, you can turn a mediocre game into a great one.

I hope you don't mind but I made a short let's play video of the game for my channel.


I find this game impressive considering that it's only one person that's making the game. The asylum/mansion area reminds me of Outlast/RE7. Great atmosphere and weapon placement to hike up tension. So there's that. I only wished I could control which slot my gun and machete went into.

pretty cool game liked it a lot and cant wait for more!! you should make the zombie a little more easier to kill it took to much to kill him other then that awesome game!!

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Love what you've created, a healthy blend of spooks and scares with an injection of funny to boot!


really really enjoyed this! very freaky with the zombie woman thing! the graphics along with the atmosphere were superb! really good job on creating this!

Lone Developer or not, I encourage taking your time and trying to get used to making levels and characters yourself and using as little of free assets as possible - that would be my biggest quarrel with this game

Overall, color me pretty impressed. For a unity game it looks pretty damn good and the lighting and fog are fantastic. The level design really shines in the later level but is somewhat bland in the early areas. I'm not sure if one of my favorite parts was entirely intentional, given the early jumpscare and how quickly you get a weapon the tension of something happening had me on edge for so long. my biggest issue is that the weapons felt like I was swinging cardboard and the gun felt like an airsoft gun. So in short: awesome atmosohere, the body swap was awesome, level design was hit and miss, combat wasn't great. For an early buold, well done!


Short Game but i Played the Enjoy Game~


Loved the game. Make more game like this.


my channel:

watch video:


 I am SO impressed with this game. The environment alone scared the hell out of me! Please keep up the work! I will definitely donate when a little more work is done on it <3! 

Amazingly fun and scary game!!!!

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Excellent game for a lone developer, and possibly his first game? I can't wait for more of the game and more games from this guy! The atmosphere was near perfect, the key/puzzles were a nice addition and the creepy lady was intense, yet she looked familiar... and... WHY WONT SHE DIE??!!

Check out my video below for the full gameplay :)

Thank you for playing, and for recommending the gamejolt, now available at

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